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What Does Faith and Fitness Mean to You?

Posted on May 19 2017

Many people believe the mind and body are related when it comes to exercise. For example, many runners will say you can't finish a marathon without the proper mindset. Athletes directly competing with other athletes are also quick to point out the need to attack your opponent mentally as well as physically. However, did you ever stop to consider that if fitness can be related to the mind and the body, it can also be related to the body and soul? In other words, faith and fitness can go together as well.


Faith and fitness can mean different things to different people. For example, some folks would classify faith as an extension of mental toughness. It takes faith to finish a marathon. It takes faith to stand up to a tough opponent. However, others think of faith and fitness as linking the spiritual and the physical. For example, some folks feel peacefully connected with a higher power during yoga or running long distances. Other people see the development of their physical bodies as showing gratitude to God.


There is no right way to consider faith and fitness together. However, many people find it useful to find a connection between faith and fitness that is personally meaningful. Once you discover how faith and fitness are linked in your own life, you can begin to devise ways to strengthen your faith and your fitness.


Fitness can be strengthened by setting achievable goals and setting a schedule to obtain them. Staying in shape is so much easier when you know exactly what you are working towards during scheduled workouts. Faith can be strengthened by praying, spending time with Jesus, and Trusting that he is there with you during the process. If you imagine yourself having already achieved the goal, it won't be so hard to actually achieve the goal in reality. Also, you can have faith that God truly wants you to achieve your fitness goals. If your fitness goals are reasonable, you can view them as acts of righteousness. A loving God would presumably be willing to help you accomplish acts of righteousness. Thinking about this can make achieving your goals easier.


In other words, you can achieve your fitness goals through faith. After you achieve your fitness goals, your faith will be strengthened. Give this powerful thinking about faith and fitness a try today! After you do, check out the faith and fitness supplement companies out there selling nutrition products through the lens of both fitness and faith.


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