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6 Week Women's Worout for Fat Loss

Posted on September 27 2018

Fat loss is a tricky thing. You want to train and keep your strength levels and eat a good satiating diet, but you also want to strip away unwanted fat. Many will participate in exclusive programs that are either all one way or another. For example, many will perform cardio only and neglect any type of resistance training.

The trick is to keep the muscle you have (since muscle helps burn calories) and to gradually burn fat by combining cardiovascular and resistance training to get a synergistic effect. This will also enable you to avoid long stints of starving yourself and to keep the muscle you have.

Below is a six week workout routine designed to shed fat and either keep or build a little muscle along the way. Of course it goes without saying that your diet has to be on point in order to burn even more fat. No tricks, just hard work, consistency and the right mindset. The following plan is to be performed twice per week and as a circuit. At the end you’ll have a choice of low intensity steady state cardio or high intensity interval cardio. Do each workout twice per week with at least one day of rest after two consecutive days.

Perform the following as a circuit with 3 to 5 rounds and 10 to 15 reps each. Rest 2 to 4 minutes after each completed round. Afterward, you’ll do a session of cardio to round out your fat-burning workout.