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Fueled By Faith and Fitness. Join Anointed Fighter Nutrition.

“Its amazing how God works and places two people together who love Him and have the same vision. My husband and I both are pro athletes. Dasmine plays professional arena football for the Florida Tarpons and I am going to compete on the USA track and field circuit next year 2018. We own our own sports performance gym called " Kingdom Elite Performance Fitness. Our program is geared towards kids, adults and Pro-Athletes. Fitness for us is a lifestyle and its a blessing to train people get them in shape physically & mentally. We also use our gym to glorify God by uplifting people spiritually talking to them about Jesus. We are both so excited to be Anointed Fighter Nutrition Ambassadors and look forward to sharing these amazing products that give the you results you have been looking for!! So lets get this blessed journey started!!!! ”

Pro-Football Player, Personal Trainer
Pro-Track and Field Athlete, Personal Trainer