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“ I was a party person. Monday -Sunday trying to find a party or someone to drink with. I started getting into hard drugs and had a "friend" that sold drugs so we always had something when we wanted to party. My drinking and dumb ways got me a d.u.i and that didn't even set me straight. I was always late to work and even lost a job because of my partying. I was the person who would go to church on Sunday but you would also see in the bars the night before. I was on a dead end track and knew I needed discipline in my life again so I joined the military. While there I met a kid who was a devout Christian, he and I would read in the Bible together and I wanted more everyday. The "friend" who sold drugs ended up overdosing while I was away as well. After basic training I went back to my old ways but not for long. I knew if I wanted to change I had to stop hanging around those "friends". I then began my journey to bodybuilding which actually helped me get stronger in my walk with Christ. I never knew fitness and faith would ever go together. I have always been into fitness being involved in sports since the age of 6. It was always my way to escape- felt like I was doing something with my life. But having people around me with their health deteriorating because they are eating junk and not working out pushed me to stay committed to working out even more because I knew I didn't want to grow up with the same problems. It's not until I committed to bodybuilding and Christ that focused more on living daily devoting my life to fitness and faith. ”

Personal Trainer