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“ My name is Sheila and I am an AFN affiliate. In April 2015, I decided to begin eating healthy and working out to motivate my spouse who had received some disturbing news about his health. His obesity was beginning to cause health issues and I realized he needed me to take the lead. I had never stepped in a gym before, although I desperately needed to because of my own obesity. I have four young kids, a college student, a house and husband to take care of- several legitimate excuses not to focus on the betterment of myself. There's just no time for that, right. Still, I began. Afraid, unsure, and embarrassed- I committed myself to this journey. Looking back I can see that this was the bravest thing I had ever done. Hesitation became anticipation, and what followed I could not have predicted. I fell in love with the process! My children's new expectations of me kept me motivated and my hope that my husband would follow my lead kept me striving. The discipline you learn from undergoing such a drastic physical and mental change forces you to evaluate every aspect of your life. I began to recognize other areas in my life that needed cleansed. Especially my spiritual life. I went to the gym to strengthen my body but I was slacking when it came to prayer or reading my Bible. This journey to health has become a complete remodel of who I am. Being healthy now fully encompasses the physical and spiritual- I cannot separate one from the other. A gain in the gym is a gain in the spirit. The best part of my story is that my husband did eventually begin his own journey! Through fear of the unknown, overcoming legitimate excuses, and allowing a full-life purging- BEGIN! Begin when it's easier to say no, begin when no one else joins you, with or without reason- BEGIN. ”

Youth Pastor